Non-Typical Advertising

Adhesive stickers (electrostastic/glue free) made from transparent foil without glue (clinging to plain surfaces e.g. tv screen, computer, glass, mirrors, plexiglass or polycarbonate – all of this due to electrostatic power)

Floor stickers, printed on the magnetic foil 100 μ and protected by a special floor laminate

Magnetic stickers for car body, ideal for short-term or changing on  vehicles

Photo-wallpapers, quick & simple way to change decoration; printed on special coated papers, available in two structures – “sand” and “stucco” and two sorts of basis – with or without fleece

Photoboards – very simple kind of exposition of photography or graphics. The printout made on monomeric, foil and protected by a special laminate is sticked on a PCV plate, wrapping the graphics on the edges of the plate. Such made pictures don”t need any additional frames.

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